SOMA Organic • Hemp Seed Stand Oil Medium • 4oz.
SOMA Organic • Hemp Seed Stand Oil Medium • 4oz.

SOMA Organic • Hemp Seed Stand Oil Medium • 4oz.

$ 48.00
Hemp Seed Stand Oil Medium with Traditional Stand Oil (aged 5 years)
Viscous, hand-refined, fast-drying organic hemp seed oil painting medium.

Traditional Stand Oil is mixed with our Liquid Gold Hemp Seed Oil to make an extremely versatile painting and glazing medium. This Hemp Seed Stand Oil Medium glides off the brush while imparting gloss and optical luminosity. A very rare painting medium indeed, it is available in extremely limited quantities, as the true stand oil process can not be rushed.

Our premium painting medium is made from Traditional Hemp Seed Stand Oil that has been aged (oxygenated & pre-polymerized) for 5 years. Unlike modern commercial slow-drying ‘stand oils’ which become thick due to boiling in absence of oxygen, our traditional stand oil is hand-refined and left to “stand” for 5 years, acquiring an extremely heavy viscosity, with the added attribute of being a rapid drying oil.

Can be thinned with solvent for early lean layers in indirect techniques, used as the basis for glazing mediums or added directly to oils for alla prima approaches.

Fast Drying for Painting & Glazing
Aged & Thickened Oil Blend
Adds Gloss & Luminosity

Available here in 4oz. bottles and as part of our 1oz. sample packs.