Testimonials from Students

"To have such advanced teachers still captivated in the endless wonder and mystery of study themselves was inspiring. It made them absolutely incredible teachers themselves, and a wealth of knowledge.."
"Having such humble, patient, and knowledgeable teachers has helped profoundly in strengthening the integrity and refinement of my work. It's no wonder why I keep coming back for more! It's soul work as much as it is artist's work. It's such an honor to keep these traditions alive and see the rich progress these workshops have had on my own painting practice as well as my overall well-being."
"Words cannot express how grateful I am to be able to learn from these master artists and truly inspiring and awesome people. I highly recommend studying with these two for any artists who want to expand on their creative skill sets and take their understanding of the traditional practices of oil painting to the next level. I am learning that the path of the artist really can become an alchemical path to self mastery. I am now seeing a greater potential for my art than ever before."

"It is such a great gift to be studying the old masters techniques.
Thank you Aloria Weaver and David Heskin for bringing this gift to me."

"Luminous, thoughtful, generous, David and Aloria are among the best teachers I’ve ever had and I eagerly look forward to my next opportunity to paint with them!"

"This painting is the mark of a huge transition in my practice. If you are a painter I HIGHLY recommend taking a class with Aloria Weaver and David Heskin. Talk about a knowledge download..Not only will they teach you the intrinsic fundamentals of oil painting but they may even share a secret of the universe or two.."

"My vibrations are so high right now!!! Coming off a week of learning and inspiration from two of the most talented and otherworldly artists of our time, Aloria Weaver and David Heskin at Luminous Flux Gallery. And I finished my first two oil paintings ever! I can't wait to see how this influences my work in the future. My heart and mind are so full! I can't believe how transformative this experience has been. Thank you guys so much!"

"Wow.. Heart full to overflowing from the magic this group created together over 3 months. So much transformation, such profoundly beautiful works of art. The synergy was palpable. I am in awe. Deepest gratitude for this... Best. Class. Ever."

"One year ago, I received a grant from RACC that enabled me to study with prolific painters, David Heskin and Aloria Weaver, at Luminous Flux Studios. The teachings along with the relationships I made with artists we're insurmountable, and marked a new chapter for me that I've been building on ever since."

"This was a fantastic lecture/demo! Thank you for offering such an informative class. I highly recommend this to other artists if Aloria, David and Tyler offer this presentation again."
"Check out the dynamic duo of Aloria Weaver and David Heskin! This teaching team provides the whole package: a superior knowledge of materials and techniques wed to a deep understanding of not only art history and aesthetics, but the artist’s psyche itself, the nature of perception, creativity and the power of the art making process to inform and uplift the human spirit. Their slide presentations are carefully crafted, insightful, richly illustrated, and articulate. Their demeanor in the studio is gentle, compassionate, and encouraging, meeting the artist wherever he or she is to facilitate fulfillment of the artist’s vision, rather than imposing their own. And after three weeks in a hot Italian studio I am impressed by their patience, repeating theory and instructions countless times as they move from student to student."
"What really saved me from getting completely mad is the art and the skills I have gained especially thanks to you, Aloria.... I started in the meanwhile on two more portraits and the fact that I can actually paint a bit came obvious to me only thanks to the portraiture.... Thank you so much, you have no idea that you have probably just saved someone's life.... I hope you realize the gift you give to people, when you teach them... I just wanted to remind you of that.... Thank you!!!!

I also wanted you to know that I surely enormously appreciated what you have done and how intelligent and gifted you are.....  I needed to say it, because I think teachers don't always see the aftereffects or do not know the life stories of their students - and if you know that what you do can affect people so much, I think you could enjoy doing it even more... please, keep teaching!!! Thank YOU!!!" 
"Your teaching range, Aloria and David, helped me discover my painting range.
Thanks from the bottom of my heart!

"Despite having painted for many years and taught art classes, I was surprised at how much I learned. Aloria and David have a thorough understanding of the history, techniques and methods of egg tempera. Their mastery of this ancient craft was a pleasure to witness. They explained it very clearly and I am confident I can pursue this medium.
The class had a mysterious synchronistic and magical quality, that wove itself into the weekend. It’s as if the dedication and commitment of the teachers resulted in a sort of entrainment. I feel like I learned more than I am consciously aware of."
"I love how you teach with each other and add to and enhance each others talk, just as you add to and enhance each others art. I learned so much from your lecture and class."

" Spending the weekend creating and learning with you both has reinvigorated me. 
Your craft is an inspiration."
"The class this weekend was amazing. I am very inspired by everything we discussed and learned. I am very grateful to you and Aloria for such a great experience!"


"I just want you to know that you've changed this illustrator's life forever.." 

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