Welcome to The Art Vault
of Aloria Weaver & David Heskin

Scroll down for an extensive list of paintings that are currently available for purchase.
This catalogue features a wide diversity of artistic styles, with solo works and collaborations by Aloria and David,
and a few collaborations that also include other amazing artists. 

More paintings will regularly become available, including new works and releases from the archives.
Email luminousfluxgallery@gmail.com for more information.


PLEASE email to inquire about pricing for the following works:

Guardian of the Golden Mystery - Original painting by Aloria Weaver
Oil & Egg Tempera on Canvas / 34x55" / Framed by the Artist


The 7 Chakras - Original paintings by Aloria Weaver
Oil on Canvas / each canvas 23x23" / Framed by the Artist


The Four Angels of the Apocalypse series - Original paintings by Aloria Weaver & David Heskin
Oil & Egg Tempera on Canvas / each canvas 20x60"


Merciful Dawn and the Release of Captured Light - Original painting by David Heskin
Oil on Canvas / 77x77" / Framed by the Artist