Vision: Art Sanctuary

Our long-held dream has been to establish an art sanctuary in the Rocky Mountains where artists and creatives can engage with their practice in a natural setting.  

The foundational stage of this long-term project has been anchored in the acquisition of 35 acres in Paonia, Colorado.
Skyhill Sanctuary is situated on an idyllic tract of raw land at the base of White Buffalo Mountain (Mt. Lamborn), replete with a year-round creek and many wildlife corridors.  Beginning from the ground up,  observing seasonal cycles allows us to re-integrate with nature and build accordingly, with harmony between humans and the landscape at the forefront.
Skyhill Sanctuary will nurture a wealth of diverse approaches to visual and traditional arts, including painting, ceramics, woodworking, carving, casting and more.  Here, relationships to living systems are deepened through hands-on study of natural dynamics, weaving this knowledge into their creative works, while learning new skills and empowering their future.  Additional main focal points of our land-based education center include permaculture and natural building, among others.
By identifying a location in Colorado that balances nature immersion with community resources, this allows for an expansive land project with plenty of room for inspiring initiatives to take place.

You can support this project in a number of ways:
Every purchase of original artwork contributes to restoring wildlife habitat and re-establishing native vegetation through annual tree-planting initiatives, natural building methods and the implementation of permaculture principles.

Please contact us for more details about acquiring artwork or to volunteer to be a part of this exciting nascent phase of development.  
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More information:
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