Vision: Art Sanctuary

Our long-held dream is to establish an artist sanctuary in the Rocky Mountains where artists can engage with their practice in a natural setting.  Here artists deepen their relationship to living systems through hands-on study of natural dynamics, weaving this knowledge into their creative works, while learning new skills and empowering their future.

The Sanctuary will nurture a wealth of diverse approaches to visual and traditional arts, including painting, ceramics, woodworking, carving, casting and more.  Additional main focal points of our land-based education center will include permaculture, natural building, plant alchemy and astronomy, among others.

We have anchored the foundational stage of this long-term project, the acquisition of 35.26 acres just outside the town of Paonia, Colorado! 

We found an ideal piece of raw land in order to begin from the ground up, where we can observe natural cycles and build accordingly, with harmony between humans and nature at the forefront. 

By identifying a location in Colorado that balances nature immersion with community resources, this allows for an expansive land project with plenty of room for inspiring initiatives to take place. 

You can support this project in a number of ways:

*Financial Support
Purchase original artwork to help fund the land acquisition!
Art is available here on our online store in a few different categories:
Original Paintings & Traditional Art

*Volunteer Support
Local? Skilled? Be a part of this exciting nascent phase of development!  Learn new skills working alongside other craftspeople and be a part of the labor of love. 

*Contextual Support
Share your cutting-edge techniques & strategies for implementing regenerative practices!

Natural Building, Wildcrafting, Traditional Arts & more...
Is there a course you would like to teach or attend?  Perhaps this land can support your vision too!

*Community Support
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More information:

If you would like to learn more about this creative vision, please see the full business plan which is now viewable as a public google doc:
SoMA Sanctuary
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