Oil Painting Techniques & Traditions - 5 Week Online Course with David Heskin
Oil Painting Techniques & Traditions - 5 Week Online Course with David Heskin
Oil Painting Techniques & Traditions - 5 Week Online Course with David Heskin

Oil Painting Techniques & Traditions - 5 Week Online Course with David Heskin

$ 625.00
Oil Painting Techniques & Traditions with David Heskin
5 weeks of 'live' online courses, every Sunday from May 5th - June 2nd,
with 4 hours of class content each day.

SAVE 25% on all add-ons, including the additional recorded video course and sample pack of SOMA organic painting mediums.

This course is a deep exploration of methods and techniques. Each attendee will be encouraged to aim these resources in the direction that best serves their own vision, with Art being recognized as the place where skill and creativity merge into a unified expression. 

While the word 'tradition' can often conjure a classical historic ideal, this course engages with tradition as the time-tested application of principles, materials and mediums to serve each artist's desired goals, rather than a formulaic style. There will be a lot of room for exploration and experimentation at each stage of this class series.

Each week addresses a stage of the evolution in an oil painting, applying a variety of traditional principles to inform the creation of new works. Numerous studies and exercises will build toward the execution of a main painting project. Each attendee can provide their own chosen subject matter and concepts to work from. We'll work on developing ideal reference materials in the first session.

A brief overview of the theme for the courses, each week building upon the one before:

1. May 5 - Traditional Foundations
Mediums & Materials
Surface & Ground
Drawing & Composition

2. May 12 - Methodical Studies
Spectral Neutrals
Formulas & Mediums
Subject Communion

3. May 19 - Layered Strategies 
Limited Palettes
Brush & Paint Handling
Glazing & Texture

4. May 26 - Optical Effects
Color Logic
Translucent Veils
Sculpting with Light

5. June 2 - Symbolic Techniques
Alchemical Completion
Authentic Personal Practice
Resourceful Innovation

Class content will be recorded and available for students to watch later.

Course Features
Live Zoom Sessions
4 Hour Virtual Studio Each Day
Video Recordings of Curriculum Content
Demos & 
Limited Class Size

Curriculum Overview
Surface Preparation
Underpainting & Overpainting
Color Logic & Mixing Strategies
Glazing & Layering
Handmade Oil Mediums
Pigments & Stone Powders

Course Dates 
May 5th
May 12th
May 19th
May 26th
Jun 2nd

Time Zones:
11am–3pm Pacific Time
12pm–4pm Mountain Time
1pm–5pm Central Time
2pm–6pm Eastern Time
7pm–11pm GMT (UK)

*Australia Time is 5am-9am on the day following the dates given above.


Students need to have a small selection of brushes, oil paints, mediums and panels, and will have time between classes to develop their personal practice and preferences.

  • Panel (9x12", 11x14", 12x16")
    If you are in the practice of preparing and priming your own panels, that will likely work for this course. We recorded a video course on traditional gesso panel preparation here (also available as a discounted add-on for this course).

  • Primed Paper or small panels for study paintings (Arches Oil Paper or primed watercolor paper) *This topic is covered in-depth in the first class.*

  • Brushes: A small selection of sable or synthetic sable brushes in filberts & rounds, and liners, with at least one flat glazing brush 1.5"-2".

  • Charcoal: vine (not pencils) & sand paper for sharpening

  • Oil Paint: There are not specific required colors for this class, however a good range of colors could include:
    Earth Pigments: Siennas, Umbers
    Cool Colors: Ultramarine, Phthalo Blues & Greens, Viridian, Dioxazine or Manganese Violet
    Warm Colors: Alizarin Crimson, Oxide Reds, Mars Yellow, Indian Yellow
    White: Lead White or Titanium White
    One aspect of this course is producing a wide range of outcomes with fewer colors on the palette. Using familiar colors that are already in your studio will work well, and there's always time between classes to pick up a new tube if desired. 

  • Mediums:
      • Sun-thickened linseed oil
      • Gum Spirits of Turpentine
      • Canada Balsam (optional)

  • Small jars for mixing oil mediums
  • Oil palette & palette knife
  • Small ceramic glazing dish (plate or shallow bowl)
  • Waterproof Ink (shellac-based)

Throughout the 5 weeks of the course, attendees may pursue their own preferences when it comes to adding colors to a chosen palette or ideal surfaces for study paintings, as each different kind of surface will impact the outcomes. A textured surface, like Arches Oil Paper, will require stiffer brushes or more medium to cover well, whereas a smooth handmade gesso panel has the opposite characteristics. Watercolor paper, primed and pigmented with glue size or a modern matte medium can provide a solution for making a lot of low-cost surfaces to paint on. These can later be glued to a panel if desired. 

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