Traditional Materials & Mediums Presentation

Private Art Consultations

$ 75.00

For those interested in one-time or ongoing mentorship, this is the place to discuss any aspect of your artistic path, including:

- Bringing your Paintings to Completion
- Materials, Mediums & Techniques
- Composition, Value & Color Harmony
- Career & Professional 
- Websites & Portfolios
- Exhibitions & Merchandising
- Contracts & Legal Issues
 - and anything else you'd like to bring to the session

We offer two kinds of consultations; Email and Live Call. Descriptions of each are as follows:

Each consultation begins with a welcome email from us, at which time we welcome you to send a maximum of 10 questions and 10 images. We will respond to your questions, and if more clarification is needed, we welcome one more back and forth exchange. If more depth and exploration is desired at this point, another consultation can be booked.

Each live session is allotted a 1 hour slot, unless arrangements are made for longer sessions. Here you can share your your history, current work and future goals. In the live call we offer personalized recommendations, practical exercises, and avenues of study and research. Scheduled times for consultations will be organized via email upon registration.