Advanced Portrait Painting - Live Online Courses

Join Aloria Weaver & David Heskin for a deep dive into the practice of Oil Painting Portraiture.


Classical Realism with Aloria Weaver
Render life-like flesh and capture an accurate likeness.
Every Saturday in April (5 classes)

Fantastic Realism with David Heskin

Develop depth and luminosity through chromatic layering.
Every Sunday in April (5 classes)


*Class size is limited for a high quality experience & individual attention.
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Class content will be recorded and available for students to watch later.

Course Features
Live Zoom Sessions
4 Hour Virtual Studio Each Day
Demos & Presentations
Video Recordings of Curriculum Content
Limited Class Size

Weekly Private Email Consultations
Feedback & Critiques
Personalized Advice

Curriculum Overview
Drawing & Transfer
Underpainting & Overpainting
Color Logic & Mixing Strategies
Glazing & Layering
Perfecting Handmade Oil Mediums
Traditional & Modern Pigments

Course Dates
Weekends in April 2023:
1st / 2nd
8th / 9th
15th / 16th
22nd / 23rd
29th / 30th

Time Zones:
11am–3pm Pacific Time
12pm–4pm Mountain Time
1pm–5pm Central Time
2pm–6pm Eastern Time
7pm–11pm GMT (UK)


As always, we will delve deeply into the properties and working characteristics of oil paint and oil painting mediums. 

The process of indirect (layered) painting techniques will be explored from start to finish, adjusting the formulas of our mediums to suit each stage.  By de-mystifying traditional materials and mediums, a connection is made to the elemental sources from which oil painting supplies are sourced.
This is an Advanced Course. It is open to all levels, however a working knowledge of value relationships (darks to lights) and a solid drawing foundation are a must.  Practicing artists tend to gain the most out of our intensives. Wherever our students are on their art path, they will be able to use the hands-on knowledge in this course to expand their skills to new levels of understanding and comfort with the complex array of artist's materials that are available.
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Students will be required to have a small selection of specific brushes, oil paints, mediums and panels.  A supply list with a link to purchase will be posted.
Please see our 'Resources' link below for a general reference.

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