Handmade Ceramic Tilework

Bespoke handmade ceramic tiles are produced for installation in homes, businesses, and other architectural settings.  Each batch of tiles is made by hand to suit each individual project. No two tiles will ever look exactly alike, which adds to the intrinsic value and aesthetic of the final product.
Inspiration for this style of tile work comes largely from Moorish tiles, like those found in the Alhambra in Granada, Spain, and from other ornate architectural marvels found in Morocco, Spain, Turkey and Iran, to name a few.  The intricate geometric patterns create a dazzling effect across large walls or more concentrated areas.

In Victorian England, a fascination with the eastern aesthetic heavily influenced some of the most prominent artists and designers of the time.  William Morris and William DeMorgan worked with motifs and techniques based on older sources and the Leighton House features Victorian tile work integrated with the Turkish Iznik tiles that served as a primary source of inspiration.  Regardless of the era and changing modern styles, ceramic tiles present a timeless medium to bring class and handmade craftsmanship into an architectural setting.

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A variety of luminous color and pattern samples

A series of 9 tiles in a repeating pattern, glazed to create a central motif

A series of 9 tiles in a repeating pattern with central motif

Single geometric tile which creates a repeating pattern across multiple tiles

.Hexagonal tiles and patterns in a three color palette


Sources of Inspiration:
Turkish & Moorish Design

Leighton House, London
Older hexagonal Iznik tile set within Victorian tiles


Geometric patterns from the Alhambra, Granada

Terra Cotta Floor Tiles




Sources of Inspiration:
Medieval & Victorian Tilework