Four Angels of the Apocalypse - Archival Reproductions

Four Angels of the Apocalypse - Archival Reproductions

$ 500.00
The Four Angels of the Apocalypse
Archival Canvas Reproductions

4 Canvas Prints, each one is 12 x 36"
These canvas prints are available stretched and ready to hang on your wall.

'White Angel of Liberation Vanquishing Conquest'
'Red Angel of Peace Overcoming War'
'Black Angel of Abundance Relieving Famine'
'Green Angel of Rebirth Transcending Death'

These prints are from than the original Mischtechnik paintings by Aloria Weaver and David Heskin. The paintings were created in Barcelona in 2012 for the Chimeria exhibition in Sedan, France.

The Four Angels revisit the theme of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse with a deeper twist.. These paintings envision the concept of an apocalypse not as the destruction or annihilation of the world, but as an awakening that will enable the creation of a liberated new world.

 If one meditates upon the paradox and seeming contradictions held within these compositions, an illuminating beam of gnosis may emerge from the innermost self.  This heightened awareness ceases to define existence through distinctions of polarity, but instead recognizes an interconnectedness and unity underlying all life.  Layers of metaphorical meaning await our inquiry, for these four paintings tell numerous stories which overlay many interpretations (mythic, religious, scientific, astronomical, cosmological, etc.) as they offer many points of entry along the journey to Truth.