Organic Painting Oils for Artists

Superior Oil of Master Artists™ offers an array of 100% organic painting oils, slowly refined by hand in small batches, and currently available in very limited quantities. This precious oil is made with patience and dedication, in collaboration with the elements and rhythms of nature, which cannot be rushed.


Vintage 2018 Summer Release: 200ml Flasks (6.67oz.)

While there are no industry standards for thickened oils, we classify our oils as
Light, Medium or Heavy, and there are multiple varieties within each category:

LIGHT VISCOSITY OILS for Direct Oil Painting, Underpainting & General Purposes
- Thin Oil - Pale, all purpose oil for direct painting techniques
- Light Viscosity - A thin, fast drying, lightly thickened, all-purpose oil

Light Viscosity Oils have been naturally clarified and lightly oxidized, resulting in a medium that can be mixed into the palette colors for opaque direct painting approaches. Lightly thickened oils are highly useful in the transition between underpainting and overpainting, and will continue to thicken when exposed to oxygen.

MEDIUM VISCOSITY OILS for Direct Painting, Glazing Techniques & Overpainting
- Medium / Light - Balanced between Medium & Light Viscosity Oils
- Medium Viscosity - Ideal for glazing, tempera emulsions & as an additive for direct painting
- Medium / Heavy - Balanced between Medium & Heavy Viscosity Oils

Medium Viscosity Oils impart gloss to the paint layers, and permit an "enamel-like fusion of colors" that the old masters deeply valued. Sun-thickened, fast drying & versatile, it is a
lso useful as a final thin oil coat prior to varnishing.

HEAVY VISCOSITY OILS for Additions to Mediums & Emulsions
- Heavy Viscosity - Dense oil for glazing & painting mediums

Thicker Oils tend to impart gloss and luminosity to the painted surface, but may dry slower if applied in thick layers. Use in small quantities as a paint additive, or with natural solvents will result in a faster drying time.

*Oils will continue to slowly oxidize in the bottle, particularly when the air-to-oil ratio is high. Pre-polymerized & oxidized oils have begun their oxidative drying process, and continue to breathe in oxygen, to the point of pressurizing the bottle.

An excellent addition to the alchemical art studio, Superior Oil of Master Artists is created in alignment with the natural elements in Colorado. The oil is oxygenated and pre-polymerized which speeds drying time and imparts a brilliant optical clarity and excellent film strength.

Hand-refined and sun-thickened for months in the Colorado sunshine, this artisan painting oil is made from 100% organic ingredients. There are currently no comparable painting oils on the market. Superior Oil of Master Artists is only available through Luminous Flux Gallery.

Wondering which oils will work best for you?
Email your questions to and we'll point you in the right direction.

For historical information on sun-thickened oils, and the mythic status they enjoy among traditional painters, the following resources may be of interest:

Salvador Dalî
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Sir Charles Lock Eastlake
Methods and Materials of Painting of the Great Schools and Masters

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