Countdown to Master's Degrees in London!

If you've found this page, you're one of our dear allies. We're using this page to post updates of our big future plans as they unfold, and we wanted to keep you in the loop. 

This page is "for your eyes only" as we have not yet released these plans in any public forum.
Thank you!

Below you'll find our regular updates, followed by the timeline of the progress we're making toward our education.

UPDATES - Most recent posts are listed first:

Friday, March 16th, 2018

Today we had skype interviews with the entrance examination committee at our first choice school!  We gave it our best, and they had some good questions. After the interviews, we heard that it will not be until after April 10th that the decisions will be presented to the director of the school for approval.

We're feeling cautiously optimistic, as the saying goes, and are attempting to exercise a modicum of patience as we await the official acceptance letters!

Friday, March 9th, 2018
We both received emails stating that we successfully completed Round One of the application process for our 1st choice school! We have Round Two interviews scheduled for mid-March, after which time the school makes their final decisions!

Send us good thoughts on Friday morning, March 16th.. we're excited to have this opportunity to have a Skype dialogue with their entrance examination committee!


Monday, February 26th, 2018
Application deadlines have now closed at our 1st choice school. We finished our applications ahead of time, and have been watching the calendar slowly tick by, in anticipation of this date!

Now we're waiting to hear the response to our 100+ page portfolios and extended essays which far exceeded the online forms, so we had to send our documents separately.


Wednesday, October 4th, 2017
Today we both received emails, from our 2nd choice school, that we've been accepted into their 1-year MA program!  This is a milestone achievement in that it is the first piece of official evidence that our extensive relevant life experience is being counted in place of undergraduate degrees.

This sets a precedent for the value of our self-guided education, and emboldens our confidence for the applications to our 1st choice school, which are currently in progress!


Sunday, October 1st, 2017
We officially submitted our applications, along with extensive essays, to our 2nd choice school for the 1-year MA program!



Applications & Acceptance to Master's Degree Programs

Timeframe: Winter 2017/2018
We both applied to two different MA programs at two small, prestigious private schools in London. We have already both received acceptance letters from the first school, and have successfully advanced into the interview round at the other, which is scheduled for mid-March!

Completed Interviews
Timeframe: March 2018
Upon confirmation of acceptance to one of our chosen schools, we'll be able to complete our applications for Student Visas!

Student Visa Applications
Timeframe: April-June 2018
The main goal is to establish a strong financial foundation in order to document that we have the means to cover one year of tuition and at least 9 months of living expenses, which must be in our possession over a month before the application. We are able to file our applications starting 90 days prior to the course, which looks to be around the beginning of June.

Phase 3.1: INITIATED
Student Housing Applications - Housing Scholarship Deadline June 30th
Timeframe: April-June 2018
We've located our ideal housing in London; it's cheaper than most of the modern tiny-dorm high-rises, and might even have enough space for guests!  This campus demands active community participation from its residents, and would provide a forum for networking and professional advancement, aside from the academic institution we'd be attending. This student housing requires an extensive essay application, and offers scholarships to banner applicants.

As the housing market is extremely competitive, we'll need to apply at numerous locations, in the event that our ideal options are already taken. We've already initiated and saved online applications up to the point where official letters of acceptance from our school are required.

Phase 4:
Moving to London
Timeframe: August 2018 
In addition to all the preparations for an overseas relocation, we've been teaching painting courses in Seattle, New York and Colorado, while completing a multi-faceted business plan for post-degree integration.


Visit our ART VAULT to browse the vast collection of original paintings that are available for purchase.

This page features a wide selection of original paintings at nearly every price range.  All proceeds from sales of original paintings go toward funding our postgraduate studies, which will begin in autumn 2018! 

We're deeply grateful for the support we receive from our community and patrons to pursue our goals of higher education!  Stay tuned for updates on our progress, and more information about upcoming plans!
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