Visionary Techniques Online Intensive, March 26th-April 3rd 2022
Visionary Techniques Online Intensive, March 26th-April 3rd 2022
Visionary Techniques Online Intensive, March 26th-April 3rd 2022
Visionary Techniques Online Intensive, March 26th-April 3rd 2022
Visionary Techniques Online Intensive, March 26th-April 3rd 2022
Visionary Techniques Online Intensive, March 26th-April 3rd 2022
Visionary Techniques Online Intensive, March 26th-April 3rd 2022
Visionary Techniques Online Intensive, March 26th-April 3rd 2022
Visionary Techniques Online Intensive, March 26th-April 3rd 2022

Visionary Techniques Online Intensive, March 26th-April 3rd 2022

$ 550.00

Early registration is now open for the upcoming Visionary Techniques course with Aloria Weaver & David Heskin.

(4 full weekend days & 5 weekday mornings)



This 'Visionary Techniques' course consists of two distinct, interrelated components:

A Two Weekend Painting Intensive - March 26/27 & April 2/3:

All 4 days will be full class days with lessons, demos, studies and oil painting projects undertaken. A lunch break will be given between our morning and afternoon sessions. and there will be evening open studio sessions on both Saturday nights.

These 4 full days will follow the stages to complete an oil painting from start to finish, but a finished painting is not ultimately as important as gaining a working knowledge of a layered painting methods that are synthesized from traditional and innovative practices. The 5 days between weekend intensives will allow for drying time, during the next 5 weekday mornings of Sacred Geometry courses.

5 Sacred Geometry weekdays - Monday March 28th - Friday April 1st.
*These sessions consist only of morning classes*

Presentations, demos, lessons & homework (if you choose to accept it), will be provided each day, along with additional research, references and resources for students to follow after the session, and hopefully much further than just the duration of the course.

Day 1: Harmonic Proportion
Day 2: Pattern, Number, Meaning & Mysticism
Day 3: Cosmological Proportions: Platonic Solids
Day 4: Architectural Geometry
Day 5: The Golden Number

. . .

Our classes typically consist of 50% new students and 50% returning students, so each course is created anew to honor those who are coming back once again and those new to our classroom.

Focus in the painting intensive will be on oil paint and oil-based mediums, using the most natural products available. We produce an organic, hand-refined, sun-thickened linseed oil that we use in all our paintings and physical classes. You can pre-order a bottle here to use in your work and in the painting intensive.  A complete materials list and detailed schedule will be provided upon registration.

Recap of the Live Class Schedule (All teaching sessions will be recorded for later viewing):
Saturday March 26th:
Full Day Painting Intensive (with evening open studio)

Sunday March 27th:
Full Day Painting Intensive

Monday March 28th:
Morning Sacred Geometry Day 1

Tuesday March 29th:
Morning Sacred Geometry Day 2

Wednesday March 30th:
Morning Sacred Geometry Day 3

Thursday March 31st:
Morning Sacred Geometry Day 4

Friday April 1st:
Morning Sacred Geometry Day 5

Saturday April 2nd:
Full Day Painting Intensive (with evening open studio)

Sunday April 3rd:
Full Day Painting Intensive

. . .

INSTRUCTORS: Aloria Weaver & David Heskin have both been independent professional oil painters for over 25 years and have been teaching together internationally for a decade. 

In 2020 they both received an MA in Traditional Arts (with distinction) from The Prince's School of Traditional Arts in London. Building on their many years of prior work in legacy painting techniques (oil, egg tempera iconography & mischtechnik) and applied geometry, the curriculum of the master's degree program focused on Sacred Geometry as an underlying principle behind some of the world's great art traditions.

Collaboration has become fundamental to their artistic growth over the years in their paintings, curation and creative projects. They are currently establishing a sanctuary for art, nature and education in Colorado.

Their original artwork & professional CV's can be found on their artist websites:
Aloria Weaver
David Heskin

Please email with questions:

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More Relevant Links:
Resources: Brushes, Paint & Books for students

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Payments for Online Classes

  • Full tuition (or a deposit, when applicable) is due upon registration and is refundable up to 1 month before the start date of the workshop, less a $100 administration fee. After that date the payment is not refundable.
  • Where tuition payments by installments are applicable, balance to be paid 3 weeks before the workshop at which time all payments are non-refundable.
  • Workshops cancelled by Luminous Flux Gallery + Studios will be refunded or rescheduled for a later date.

Please Note: 

  • Not all online (Zoom) classes are necessarily recorded - The course description will specify whether video recordings are included or not. 
  • It is up to each student to prioritize their attendance and to take notes or otherwise document the information. 
  • Requests for refunds or partial refunds due to double-booking or inability to attend the full workshop will not be honored.

Terms & Conditions

  • Luminous Flux Gallery + Studios reserves the rights to dismiss or refuse without refund participants that are not in compliance with the terms or code of conduct in the studio (this includes online courses).
  • IMPORTANT: All communications for the workshops are made by email alone; make sure you use the correct email and the correct name when registering.
  • Workshops may be cancelled by Luminous Flux Gallery + Studios up to one month prior to start date of workshop.  Please make a note of this in connection with making traveling plans for in-person classes; Luminous Flux Gallery + Studios accepts no responsibility for any expenses associated with unrecoverable travel costs or reservations.
  • Luminous Flux Gallery + Studios is not responsible for lost or stolen articles during in-person workshops or any activities related to the workshop.
  • Participant agrees that Luminous Flux Gallery + Studios is not liable for any injury, physical or mental.

Studio Code of Conduct

  • Please make every effort to arrive on time (up to 15 minutes early) at the beginning of class and after break.  Class will not be delayed for late arrivals.
  • Oil painting mediums and solvents are provided for in-person classes - be advised, we use turpentine.
  • Keep lids on solvents when not using (even in your own home!).
  • Please refrain from excessive volume or unrelated dialogue when class is in session.
  • No cell phone use except during breaks.
  • Everyone is expected to contribute to a respectful atmosphere that is conducive to learning.  This includes paying attention during demonstrations and following the instructions given using the prescribed media.  This also applies to online classes. 

You are hereby notified that the contents of this course may contain intellectual property protected by Copyright or Trademark law.  All Rights Reserved.

By registering, you acknowledge that the class may contain confidential, proprietary, privileged and/or private information. The information is intended to be shared only with the registered class participants. Any reproduction, distribution (sharing of videos, screenshots, class handouts or other materials) or other use of the material presented in the classes without prior authorization by the owner of the intellectual property, or by an individual or entity other than the 
 registered class participants, is prohibited.