Luna Moth
Luna Moth

Luna Moth

$ 300.00
Luna Moth - Kiln Fired Painted Stained Glass
with silver stain and copper patina, copper chain
by Aloria Weaver
≈ 7x7”
Graellsia Isabellae, the Spanish moon moth, is in the silkmoth family Saturniidae.  This is a male moth.

“Silver stain is a unique pigment. When an oxide of silver is applied to glass and fired in a kiln the heat triggers a chemical reaction coaxing ions of silver to migrate into the glass. The result is that the glass is permanently stained a transparent yellow color. Although the origins of the technique are unclear its impact on the medium of stained glass was revolutionary... The technique was so widely used that the whole medium of “stained glass” obtained its name from the use of silver stain.”

~ Silver Stain: An Artist's Guide, by J. Kenneth Leap

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